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    Riolu Review

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    Site Owner/Pokemon Gym Leader (Ret.)

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    Riolu Review

    Post by Z-man on Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:08 pm


    Nature: Adamant / Jolly

    Item: Salac Berry / Leichi Berry

    Ability: Steadfast

    -Agility / Swords Dance
    -Endure / Substitute
    -Shadow Claw / Crunch


    -Well, it sure doesn't look like much, but don't let Riolu's frail and tiny appearance fool you; it can actually be pretty deadly when used correctly. Of course, Riolu is most at home in Little Cup, but if you happen to be daring enough, and lucky enough, this set could work out in NU, UU, or OU if you are really optimistic. The plan is simple: use any free turn you get to set up either Swords Dance or Agility depending on your preference, then procede to get yourself down to 1 HP via Enduring an opponent's attack, or repeated Substitutes. From this point, your underdog's bite suddenly becomes worse than its bark, as Riolu's corresponding berry is activated; boosting either attack or speed by half. Now you have either a +2 speed, +1 attack (Agility / Leichi), or a +2 attack, +1 speed (Swords Dance / Salac) Pokemon with a 200 Base Power STAB move in the form of Reversal (300 Base Power with STAB). Throw in Crunch to show just how deadly Riolu's bite is to those pesky Ghosts and Psychics that resist Reversal (Shadow Claw works too) Sounds good huh? Well its not all good news. Riolu can be taken down by Priority users, status, damaging weather, or even a simple misprediction, which is a major flaw in the set. Along with those dangers, the fact that Herracross, Hitmonlee, and other Fighting type Reversal Users vastly outclass this set doesn't make using this set any more encouraging. However, Riolu does have something that those other Fighters lack: Steadfast. This Ability sets the black and blue puppy apart from its competition by allowing it to boost its own Speed every time it is Flinched (only really useful VS weak Fake Out users), which aids in setting up for Reversal. So in the end, Riolu is much more powerful than it may seem at first, and if you play your cards right, the face of the Pokemon you are combating will become the same colors as Riolu's.


    -The choice between Shadow Claw and Crunch is simple; Shadow Claw hits for Super Effective damage on Psychic / Fighting enemies such as Medicham, while Crunch simply provides a bit more power against Ghosts and Psychics. Ice Punch / Thunder Punch are other options over the above moves if you are more affraid of Flying types such as Altaria and Gyarados.

    -An Original Review By Z-man


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