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    Luvdisc Review

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    Luvdisc Review

    Post by Z-man on Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:11 pm

    Pokémon: Luvdisc

    Nature: Timid / Jolly

    Item: Leftovers

    -Toxic / Rain Dance
    -Attract / Brine / Icy Wind / Water Pulse / Dive / Waterfall


    Hahaha… where to begin… well in honor of Valentines Day, here goes nothing. If you’re extreme enough to even consider thinking of the idea of maybe using Luvdisc competitively, then congratulations, this review is for you. For everyone else out there, this evaluation can serve as a good laugh… or can it!? Although Luvdisc is beyond pathetic both stat and move pool wise, it can (emphasis on “can”) sometimes be somewhat useful when played correctly. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, but stay with me and I know I’ll be able to change your mind. So anyway, as you have probably noticed, this Luvdisc set involves Leftovers, which at first glance, may seem like a lost cause; and it would be on any other set. But, with Protect and Substitute in its arsenal, Luvdisc can avoid becoming a broken heart surprisingly well, provided it is faster than its opponent. Simply alternate between the two moves to stall the opponent for as long as Luvdisc’s HP can hold up, as each turn Leftovers will replenish health lost to substitute. This method is best used with Toxic Spikes support, but if you find yourself lacking a spiker, Luvdisc can cause some damage on its own… sort of. Without Toxic Spikes, the stalling method explained above becomes much harder; since this frail excuse for fish will actually have to use Toxic; a move that leaves it open to being hit. Finding an opportunity to use Toxic will be next to impossible; unless of course, you get lucky with Luvdisc’s final move: Attract. Using Attract can do 1 of 3 things. First, it can infatuate the opponent into being unable to move long enough for Luvdisc to get in a Toxic. Second, it could cause a switch, which also allows Luvdisc to poison the switch-in. Or third, Attract will do absolutely nothing and Luvdisc will be dead before you can say “Why did I use this thing?” The last outcome is the most likely. Now, Luvdisc’s other mentioned options could be helpful as well; Brine to injure opponents that have been drained of half their HP, Water Pulse will confuse the opponent if you’re lucky, Icy Wind can slow down a switch in, Dive / Waterfall’s flinch rate to help stall, and Rain Dance prevents weather from killing Luvdisc’s stall, though it’ll probably just die after using it. Furthermore, Luvdisc also has a few other options that were left out such as Captivate, Swagger, Ice Beam, Surf, and Lucky Chant. However, all of those moves are pretty awful on Luvdisc. Agility is useless, as it’s already fast enough, and Aqua Jet is much the same story. Aqua Ring on Luvdisc is unlikely to aid in its survival, for obvious reasons.
    So there you have it, the best set a Luvdisc could ever hope to run. Obviously, Luvdisc really only belongs in NU, where it can out speed stuff, but UU is viable, and OU is an option if you want to humiliate your opponent if they lose against your pink killing machine. So, did I change your mind about Luvdisc's potential? I didn't think so.

    Notes: Rest / Taunt / Priority users kill this set, as do Poison types, Steel types, Pokemon who are faster than Luvdisc, and Magic Guard Clefable. Good Luck.

    -An original review by Z-man


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