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    Salamence Review

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    Salamence Review

    Post by Z-man on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:08 am

    Pokémon: Salamence

    Nature: Naughty / Rash

    Item: Choice Scarf

    Move Set:
    - Dragon Claw / Outrage
    - Earthquake
    - Fire Blast
    - Hydro Pump / Stone Edge / Aerial Ace


    Want a deadly sweeper with moves of incredible base power and coverage, speed that can top jolly Aerodactyl with no set up required (Choice Scarf), and the awesome ability: Intimidate? If so, Salamence is for you. There’s only one catch; this salamander on steroids is considered by many, to be a part of the Uber tier. However, if you manage to find an opponent who will allow Mence in standard play, give this set a try. Now that your opponent has allowed you to use the mighty Salamence, make them wish they hadn’t! Surprise your challenger with a Choice Scarf set, rather than the more common Dragon Dance set, and discard the need for a set up turn. With a Scarf equipped, a neutral speed nature, and some EV investment in Speed, Salamence can leave quick enemies such as Adamant Scarf Heracross and Jolly Crobat in the dust. As for what moves to teach Mence, the choices are pretty obvious. For STAB, Dragon Claw is a safer option here, as being looked into a non-boosted outrage is ill addvised; steels like scizor can come right in and set up with ease. But if you want more killing power, Outrage is still a good option. The next move almost goes without saying; Earthquake, for its incredible coverage. The third move slot is where Salamence begins to diverge from its physical move pool. Fire Blast is key if you plan on ever killing Skarmory, or 1HKO Scizor / Foretress. With that said, the final move slot is more up in the air than the rest. Hydro Pump is extremely cool on Salamence, and also takes care of bulky ground types that can take all of the dragon's other moves with relative ease. Stone Edge is a third physical move, and allows you to hurt things such as Togekiss, Aerodactyl, and Crobat, without needing to lock into Outrage, should you decide to use it. Finally, Aerial Ace makes use of Salamences secondary STAB by helping it to safely KO Herracross.

    Notes: Dragon Rush would be the perfect move for this set, since it is powerful and can flinch the opponent, too bad its so innacurate; only use it with gravity support. Thunder Fang makes killing Gyarados easy, but doesn't help much aside from that. Draco Meteor is a solid option on this set, should you decide to make Salamence a more specialy aimed pokemon. Aqua Tail is a decent move for injuring Gliscor and Hippowdon, though its usefulness ends there. Brick Break is a nice way to break screens like Reflect, and will score quite a bit of damage on Tyranitar.

    Original Review by Z-man


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