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    Natures Guide

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    Site Owner/Pokemon Gym Leader (Ret.)

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    Natures Guide

    Post by Z-man on Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:41 pm

    A guide to what effects all natures have on how a pokemon's stats grow.

    Adamant: +attack, -sp.attack

    Naughty: +attack, -sp.defense

    Lonely: +attack, -defense

    Brave: +attack, -speed

    Timid: +speed, -attack

    Jolly: +speed, -sp.attack

    Hasty: +speed, -defense

    Naive: +speed, -sp.defense

    Modest: +sp.attack, -attack

    Rash: +sp.attack, -sp.defense

    Mild: +sp.attack, -defense

    Quiet: +sp.attack, -speed

    Bold: +defense, -attack

    Relaxed: +defense, -speed

    Lax: +defense, -sp.defense

    Impish: +defense, -sp.attack

    Calm: +sp.defense, -attack

    Sassy: +sp.def, -speed

    Careful: +sp.defense, -sp.attack

    Gentle: +sp.defense, -defense

    Bashful: no effect

    Serious: no effect

    Hardy: no effect

    Quirky: no effect


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