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    Post by Z-man on Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:15 am


    Nature: Adamant / Jolly

    Item: Life Orb

    Move Set:
    -Dragon Dance
    -Outrage / Dragon claw
    -Brick Break
    -Double Edge / Crunch


    Shelgon, being not fully evolved, probably is not a Pokémon that first comes to mind when considering a physical sweeper for your UU / NU team. However, it can be just as vicious and effective as salemence in OU / Ubers (to an extent) if given the time to set up. The set up in this case is Dragon Dance, the move that was a deciding factor in Salemence’s move to Ubers. With it, Shelgon can boost his below average speed and solid attack stat, hopefully giving you an opportunity to sweep. The moves that should accompany Dragon Dance can be changed to meet your personal preferences, and still remain effective. Outrage is the better option when compared to dragon claw simply for the huge difference in base power, but if you don’t like being locked into Outrage and the confusion that comes with it, Dragon Claw is a decent alternative. Brick Break is for steel types like Bastidon who resist your dragon stab, and allows you to hit things that are weak to it hard, without needing to lock into Outrage, if you decide to go with that. Finally, Double Edge is a strong attack for scoring neutral damage against various opponents, and allows Shelgon to make use of his ability; Rock Head. But, if you decide to use Dragon Claw rather than Outrage, Crunch is suggested, as Dragon Claw is superior to Double Edge due to stab and Double Edge’s complete lack of super effective type coverage.

    Notes: A special attack such as Fire Blast or Hydro Pump is usable, but with such low special attack, it won’t be doing much damage, other than to opponents that are 4x weak to said moves, such as Scizor and Golem.

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