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    Post by Stardust121 on Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:23 am


    EVs: hp: 255, def/sp.def: 255

    Nature: calm / bold

    Item: salac berry, petaya berry, (basically any stat boosting berries) / focus sash

    -agility / calm mind / amnesia
    -baton pass
    -psychic / charge beam / thunder wave

    Out of all the sets that one can use on girafarig, this is one of the few that is not outclassed by other Pokémon. This is because baton pass girafarig carves out its own niche due to its many stat boosting options and unique typing. So take your pick, you can pass calm mind, amnesia, agility, or substitute, or a combination of 2 or even 3 of them. If you find yourself with extra move slots left over, any of the moves in slot 4 would be excellent choices. Psychic is a general stab move which may come in handy for finishing off weakened foes, while charge beam has a similar use, but at the same time can raise girafarig’s special attack, which can be passed to a recipient team member. Or finally, thunder wave is a decent choice if you opt not to pass agility, as it will make baton passing much easier, essentially taking the issue of speed out of the equation, assuming your foe is not immune to it. As for the item, it all comes down to what moves you decide to use and what tier you plan on using this 2-headed giraffe in. If you wish to use this set in OU, focus sash would be a decent choice, although it doesn’t help with passing very much if you are hit with a potential KO move right off the bat. Berries on the other hand can be used in any tier; which one you give girafarig to hold is up to what stats you want to pass.
    Suggestions: a combination of agility, substitute, and a stat boosting berry is likely the most effective way of pulling off a successful baton pass in OU.

    -an original review by Z-man-

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